Below are my top fit kit recommendations. I’ll be adding to the list over the next few months. These are affiliate links. Read full disclosure HERE.

Fitness Recommendations

Home Workouts

My favourite home workout videos, which I’ve used over the years in one form or the other. They are all very effective and suitable for beginners to advanced level.


I’m a big fan of Nike shoes because there’s something about that mark and the phrase, “just do it,” that makes you keep going even when you can see lights. lol.


I love Nike for clothes as well but Adidas has amazing sports bras with great support. I’m easy on the bottoms as long as they’re cost-effective and long-lasting. 

Accessories & Equipment

Basic accessories and equipment for working out at home and keeping track of your weight loss goals and objectives.

Meal Plans

If you’re struggling with putting together a proper meal plan to match your fitness goals then consider meal planning services. They will put together the plan for you. Some also deliver the ingredient box for your meals:-

Supplements & Meals

Get the best out of your pre and post-workout recovery meals with these supplements and meal plans.