Do Chia Seeds Really Help You Lose Weight?

Do Chia Seeds Really Help You Lose Weight

Chia seeds being a useful component in a weight loss journey is a concept that surprised me the first time I heard about it. I didn’t understand the science behind it. How could such tiny seeds help anyone lose weight? I went digging for more information. In this article, I’ll be sharing information about chia …

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How Water Helps With Weight Loss

how much water should you drink a day if you exercise

I outline the benefits of water for weight loss in this article in addition to all the ways you can get more water into your diet every day. I began drinking large amounts of water in my early teens. I drank so much water, my mum began special batching my own water supply because I …

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Best Workout Songs

best workout songs of all time

Listening to workout songs is a great way to stay motivated and on track with your fitness goals.  People have been listening to music while working out for decades so it’s not a novel thing no one has ever heard of. However, did you know that there are specific kinds of music that affect your …

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Can You Build Muscle at Any Age?

female muscle growth at any age

Can older adults build muscle? This is one of the questions I get asked a lot when I’m discussing fitness as you grow older. I usually flex my humble biceps to shatter the belief that it’s very difficult to build muscle as you get older. Yes, you have a tendency to lose muscle mass but …

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