How to Set Fitness Goals for 2020

Here’s how to set fitness goals for yourself this year plus a free SMART fitness goals planner and worksheet.

So, I’m a little bit late with this. I had the outline down in February when I created my vision board for the year.

However, everything happening in the world kind of overtook it all.

I’m currently on Day 45 of quarantine and my daily workouts are part of what’s keeping me sane during this period.

How to Set Fitness Goals for 2020

How Do You Set Fitness Goals?

Be SMART About It

As with all things, you should engage the SMART initiative when setting goals.

S (Specific)

Define what you want to achieve with your fitness and diet plan for the year. Be specific and intentional with these goals. Don’t be abstract.

M (Measurable)

Your fitness goals should be measurable such as the amount of time you will spend on specific equipment per week or how many days you will work out every week.

A (Achievable)

The goals should be achievable. You’re not Arnold Swarzenegger so don’t set goals on that level. Start on your level then build up to what you want.

R (Relevant)

Your fitness goals should align with the rest of your life goals.

T (Time-bound)

Put a timeline on your fitness goals for the year. The goals shouldn’t be open-ended otherwise it will be harder to achieve.

Time-bound goals are easier to track, maintain and adapt in case something goes sideways along the way.

There is a free SMART fitness goal planner and worksheet available to subscribers to Fitness At Every Age. Download it for free HERE.

SMART Fitness Goals Worksheet 2021

Focus on Yourself

With so many fitness gurus out there, it’s easy to see someone and compare yourself to them. This can be discouraging.

Please don’t do this. Focus on yourself and your journey.

Fitness gurus should motivate and inspire you only. They shouldn’t make you feel bad about yourself.

Visualize It

Once your goals are all written down and set, consider visualizing it with a vision board.

Cut out images relevant to your fitness goals from magazines and paste them on a whiteboard then mount in your workout area to keep you going.

The fitness vision board can also be digital and used as a background on your phone.


Okay, you’ve written it down, you’ve visualized it, now you have to get started.

Take it one day at a time and before you know what’s what, you will have turned fitness into a daily habit.

Best fitness goals setting planner

SMART Fitness Goals Examples

Keeping all the above tips in mind, below is an example of SMART a fitness goals statement:-

  • S – I want to lose weight in 2020 so I can be a healthier version of myself and achieve optimal weight for my age and height
  • M – I want to lose 10 kgs and have a more defined waist and arms
  • A – I want to lose the 10 kgs by July 2020 then maintain from there onwards. I will adjust my diet with 1 cheat day every Sunday. I will also eliminate sugar from my diet.
  • R – I will lose the 10 kgs by utilizing Jillian Michaels workouts starting with Body Revolution 5 days a week
  • T – Launch in February, reassess in July but make sure I am at 10kgs target by December 2020

As you can see, it’s not good enough to say things like, “I want to lose weight,” or “I want defined arms.”

That’s just wishful thinking. You need to set SMART goals around those wishes.

SMART Fitness Goals Worksheet

If you haven’t already, get started with setting your 2020 fitness goals with the SMART Fitness Goals Worksheet available for free HERE.

Even though we’re already in April, it’s still not too late to set fitness goals for 2020.

The best time to get started with a fitness plan is yesterday.

If you have any questions, ask in the comments section, and be sure to share this article with someone that needs some fitness motivation.

Stay motivated and stay safe!

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