How to Set Fitness Goals for 2021

Setting fitness goals in collaboration with a SMART fitness goal worksheet ensures you stay committed to your health plan for the long haul.

After all the sins committed over the holidays, I guess you’re thinking about getting yourself into shape in 2021.

I mentioned in the top 20 reader favorites of 2020 that I’d had to take a break from working out sometime in November.

I had a few health scares and my doctor wanted me to do some comprehensive tests and requested I stopped working out until I got the OK.

That combined with my sedentary quarantine life made me feel like I’d really piled on the pounds.

I got the all-clear just before New Year and jumped back into working out last week after determining my fitness goals for this year.

How to Set Fitness Goals for 2021

Why is Setting Fitness Goals Important?

Below are the top 7 benefits of setting fitness goals every year in case you’re wondering what’s the point:-

1. Better Chances of Success

You increase your chances of succeeding exponentially when you set fitness goals.

If you try to wing achieving your fitness goals, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Think of it as a project at work where you have to outline a process to achieve the project goals and objectives.

The same principle can be applied to setting fitness goals every year.

2. Puts You in the Right Mindset

When you set and visualize fitness goals, you put yourself in the right mindset to get going.

A fitness mindset is one of your best allies on a fitness journey.

That’s why it’s good to go through the SMART fitness goals worksheet before you start any fitness programs.

3. Keeps You Accountable

When you set fitness goals, it’s easier to hold yourself accountable. You can’t ignore the parts of exercising you don’t like with fitness goals.

You will need to go back to the goals and check if you’re following them. You’ll quickly realize where you’re falling behind with fitness goals.

4. Stay Motivated

Fitness goals help you stay motivated because you have something you’re aspiring to and aiming for.

The newly updated fitness goals worksheet includes a section for placing your fitness inspiration images as well.

5. Fitness Goals Makes Progress More Obvious

When you keep track of meals, inches, and pounds lost through fitness goals, you’re inspired to continue going.

Every inch and pound closer to your goals for the year written down well keep you going especially when it looks like you’ve reached a plateau.

6. Build Confidence

The healthier you become, the better you feel and this can help you gain overall confidence in yourself.

Keeping fit is not just about being in shape, it’s about taking care of your body the best you can so your body can take care of you in the long run.

7. Develop a Lifelong Fitness Habit

If you read my story about building my fitness habit from the age of 15, you already know how I started.

Setting fitness goals will help you develop a fitness habit your body will become so accustomed to, you will find it almost impossible not to work out.

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How Do I Choose a Fitness Goals?

The best way to choose fitness goals is by making them SMART instead of random.

SMART fitness goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely.

For instance, “I want to be skinny this year” is a random fitness goal. It is not measurable and you’re likely to fail along the way.

I break down SMART fitness goals in great depth in last year’s How to Set Fitness Goals breakdown.

What is a SMART Fitness Goal Example?

A good list of SMART fitness goals you can consider includes:-

  • Lose 2 – 3 kgs every month till December
  • Eat 5 different veggies every day
  • Start utilizing controlled portion plates for lunch and dinner
  • Have hatch smoothies for breakfast every day
  • Start training to participate in a 5k marathon at the end of the year
  • Take a 30-minute brisk walk every day
  • Drop 2 dress sizes before the end of the year
  • Commit to drinking only water or fruit water and eliminating soda completely

When you utilize a SMART fitness goals worksheet, you then break down these goals into individual bite-sized components you can take on without overwhelming yourself.

SMART Fitness Goals Worksheet 2021

SMART Fitness Goals Worksheet 2021

There have been numerous studies in the field of psychology that show you have a better chance of success when you set goals. 

Get started with setting fitness goals this year with the SMART Fitness Goals Worksheet available for free HERE.

The SMART fitness goals worksheet is updated every year and is always free.

The freebie also includes my best fitness tips for reaching your goals faster (Updated for 2021).

Don’t Forget to Take Fitness Progress Pictures

Here’s my starting pic for 2021. My midsection has gone sort of soft over the last two months and needs to be whipped back into shape this year. 

Abi Fitness goals Pic Jan 2021

The best time to get started with a fitness plan is yesterday. I look forward to staying fit with you this year!

benefits of setting fitness goals plus free worksheet!

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