Focus T25 Alpha Phase (Month 1)

Can you get better and faster results with Beachbody’s Focus T25 workout program? I put that to the test with my second round of Shaun T’s Focus T25.

Just like the first time I tried this program, Focus T25 is kicking my derriere all over again but in a good way.

Focus T25 Alpha Phase Month 1 Review

Each Focus T25 program workout is only 25 minutes long without any breaks so you know it’s a lot of high-intensity moves in that short time.

Focus T25 program is delivered in 3 phases – Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. I just finished the Alpha Phase and I’m about to move on to Beta.

Focus T25 Alpha Phase

Focus T25 Alpha consists of five workouts that are repeated in various ways over 5 weeks. The workouts include:-

  • Cardio
  • Lower Focus
  • Ab Intervals
  • Speed 1.0
  • Total Body Circuit
  • Stretch

There are 5 days of workouts with double workouts on day 5. Day 6 is a rest day and day 7 is a stretch day. There is a cool-down at the end of each workout.

The workouts don’t happen in the same order every week so that eliminates the feeling of monotonous workouts.

I’m going to break down each workout in this review of the Focus T25 Alpha Phase.

Focus T25 Alpha Cardio

When cardio is the least painful day of a workout program, you know you’re in for a world of hurt in the coming days.

T25 Alpha Cardio is all cardio from start to finish and expect your heart and lungs to get a heck of a workout.

The moves in the program are simple enough but the combined sequences plus a burnout phase is where the challenge is. The sequence consists of:-

  • Round 1 – Alt knee lift, lift on toes, slow control jog, high knee jog, jack feet, double jack feet, double jack feet with arms, basic jack, pivot lunge plus step-in, pivot lunge plus hop, pivot lunge sequence, lateral sprint, lateral mountain climber, jump rope sequence, half-tuck jump.
  • Burnout phase repeating the moves in round 1 as fast as possible.
  • Round 2 – Control squat, hop squat, hop up plus back, hop hop squat, on your mark plus print, on your mark up and down, low kick, low kick on toes, low switch kick, high switch kick, running lunge, split lunge agility, jack feet out and in, speed plus agility, hop hop squat.
  • Burnout phase repeating most of round 2 moves.
  • Round 3 – Hop up, hope side to side, alternating speed knee (slow and fast), high knee jog, slow control jog.

Where to Buy Focus T25 DVDs

Focus T25 Alpha Ab Intervals

Focus T25 ab intervals work your core to the max for the full 25 minutes plus a little bit of cardio. There is no escape.

However, if you’re after a sexy midsection, then this workout is how you’re going to get it! The sequence consists of:-

  • Child’s pose plus plank, downward dog plus plank, downward dog plus side lunge, downward dog plus oblique knee, low plank hold, side plank hold, V sit with arms down, side hip up, low plank pulse, V sit with arms up, alternating speed knee, alternating straight leg lift series, T shuffle, scissor leg plus heels up sequence, hop hop squat, alternating heel tap, dual heel tap, dual straight leg lift, alternating single leg V hold, sprint plus squat, dual heel tap plus hold, alternating single leg V lift, speed knee kick (left and right), superman, lat pull down, straight arm fly, rocket man, lateral mountain climber, plank toe tap in and out, plank feet up and back, plank V up, sprint plus tabletop, wide in and out ab pyramid, high knee jog, slow control jog.

There is no burnout phase on ab intervals day. Instead of rounds, all the moves happen one after the other from beginning to end.

Focus T25 Alpha Total Body Circuit

Total body circuit is the hardest workout in the alpha phase. You and the floor will be drenched by the end even if you’re following the modifier.

Total body circuit will strengthen your body with a focus on resistance training. It is tough but after the cool down, you are going to feel really good. The sequence consists of:-

  • Round 1 – Alternating knee lift, lift on toes, slow control jog, high knee jog, hop hop turn, jump rope turn, hop hop hook, hop hop hook with squat, shoulder tap (right and left), left + right tap with push up, tap push up, alternating front lunge, front lunge plus squat, front lunge plus 2 squats, lunge squat progression, 2 + 2 jab, 2 + 2 rotating jab, 2 + 2 moving jab, plank hold, plank walk, plank walk + in and out abs, plank walk + squat hold, sprint it out, power squat, sprint + power squat, sprint + squat, walk feet in and out sequence, pike up, 180 degrees hop squat, 180 degrees hop squat + touch floor, 180 degrees squat burpee, alternating spider lunge, spider lunge plus push up, oblique knee push up.
  • Burnout phase repeating the moves in round 1.
  • Round 2 – Floor sprints and body run.

focus t25

Focus T25 Alpha Lower Focus

Lower focus targets your lower body – think legs, quads, hamstrings, etc.

There are a lot of squats in this workout but the reward is ripped legs and a tight tush by the end of the alpha phase. The sequence consists of:-

  • Round 1 – Alternating knee lift, lift on toes, slow control jog, high knee jog, jack feet, double jack feet, double jack feet with arms, basic jack, basic squat, squat pulse, basic squat with arms up, control squat jump, calf raises (left and right), calf hop with arms up, narrow lunge (left and right), wide lunge (left and right), deep lunge pulse (left and right), deep lung hold (left and right)
  • Burnout phase repeating the moves in round 1.
  • Round 2 – Lunge squat progression, adductor burn, up and over with touch floor, deadlift tap (left and right), deadlift knee raise (left and right),
  • Burnout phase repeating the moves in round 2.
  • Finish up – Hop squat plus hip flexor (left and right).

Focus T25 Alpha Speed 1.0

Speed 1.0 is cardio on steroids. Fortunately, there are moves in the program followed by stretches that sort of give you a break.

With this workout, you burn more calories more effectively which it’s necessary to really drive your metabolism. The sequence consists of:-

  • Round 1 – Jog it out, hop hop turn, hop hop turn with hook, hop hop turn squat with hook, jog it out, up and over, quad stretch, burpee plus alternating front kick, prayer hands knee bend, side hop uppercut, side lunge stretch, low cross jack, hip flexor hold, zig-zag hop, control knee hold, squat thrust with criss-cross, leg crossover stretch, heisman crossword, heisman crossword with clap, flat back roll-up, criss-cross hop, criss-cross plus half-tuck jump, hip flexor calf stretch, jab combo.
  • Burnout phase repeating most of round 1 moves.
  • Stretch and stability move to finish.

Focus T25 Alpha Stretch

Don’t skip stretch day. Your body needs it and will thank you for it when you jump back into the grind the next day.

Where to Buy Focus T25 DVDs

Overall Impression of Focus T25 Alpha

  • Shaun T is an awesome trainer. You can feel him driving you to success through the screen. He motivates and inspires.
  • I also loved the timer on the screen so I could see exactly how much longer I had to go on without keeling over and dying quickly on my yoga mat. lol.
  • An issue I have with the program is that you don’t see Tonia enough on the screen. If you’re halfway through a move and want to switch to the modified version, you will lose time waiting for her to come on-screen so you can switch to the move. If you want to follow Tonya exclusively then this will get annoying and you may have to rewind a few times.

However, overall, Focus T25 Alpha is great and I can’t wait to get started on the Beta program in a few days.

You can view my reviews of other Beachbody programs I’ve tried at Beachbody Home Workouts.

Focus T25 Alpha Schedule

The Focus T25 DVDs come with a schedule. If you got a used set without a calendar, you can download a T25 Alpha schedule HERE.

Memorable Quotes

I know it’s starting to burn but it’s the burn that makes it amazing

Don’t run from the work. Feel the work.

Keep it going. Keep the focus. You’re almost done.

Find the focus and do the best that you can do.

The bigger the range of movement, the bigger the results.

Find the focus & do the best that you can do - Shaun T

Equipment Needed for Alpha Phase

No equipment is required for the Alpha phase except a yoga mat for some of the workouts and stretch day.

However, I also recommend knee pads because there is a lot of squatting in this workout program. A lot. You definitely should protect your knees.

Where to Buy Focus T25 DVD?

Find the focus & do the best that you can do - Shaun T

You can buy Focus T25 DVDs HERE or you can buy a used set on eBay HERE

There is also the Beachbody on Demand option but I’ve never signed up for that as it requires a year’s commitment and I like trying workouts from different programs not just Beachbody.

Beachbody on Demand is also only available to the US, Canada, UK, and France.

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